Bed Bugs Heat Treatment for Smart Families!

If your home is BedBug infested, it is always best to call in a professional exterminator to solve the problem. REMEMBER please do not use any kinds of toxic pesticide at your home. Keep your
family safe and healthy from harmful pesticides.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

If you find that your home has been infested with bed bugs, there are a number of treatments that can control the problem. Heat Steam treatment is also another effective method. Using a steam machine to spray mattresses, bedding, cracks, carpets and crevices kills bed bugs and eggs.

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Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Heat Treatment is the only way to get rid of all bed bugs in one day. By heating the entire space to 180 degrees, we kill all stages of bed bug life from adult to eggs. The heat reaches areas that pesticide cannot. We can heat one room, or the entire structure – Safely and Carefully.

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Heat Treatment is the smart way to kill bed bugs and eggs.

Our bed bug heat treatment is the only way to kill all bed bugs and eggs in just one day with no chemical use. This is the most effective method as bed bugs are highly resistant to most chemical treatments and have a low tolerance for extreme heat.
The bed bug heat treatment is performed discreetly using specialized heating equipment and processes. This thermal bed bug extermination kills all stages of life in less than 2 hours, including adults, nymphs, and eggs.

How to Treat & Kill Bed Bugs Safely!

The safety of your family, home, and belongings is our top priority. The heat treatment will not damage the structure, furniture, or personal items.
Contact us to learn more about how items may be effected by the heat treatment. Call Now 24/7 Hotline 04-2720027

Adult Bed Bug

Adult Bed Bug

Bedbug likely get their name from their habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. They are found in virtually every place people tend to gather, including residences, hotels, schools, offices, cinema theater and even public transportation.

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Inspection

Detecting bed bugs can be difficult, as they are small in size and able to hide in tiny cracks and crevices. However, evidence of a bed bug infestation may be found in bedding and on mattresses. Live bed bugs leave clusters of dark brown or black spots of dried excrement on infested surfaces.

Where to Check for Bed Bugs

Where to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually are found close to where people spend much of their time, and since bed bugs have flattened bodies, they like to get into small cracks and crevice near where people sleep. Examples include mattresses, box springs, headboards, footboards, bed frames and other furniture that is within 5-8 feet of the bed. Other common locations are cracks and gaps behind wall outlets, floor molding, window and door molding and where carpet edges meet the wall. Bed bugs have been known to occur in many different locations if their population is large and they have dispersed from their more common areas to areas where they are normally less likely to be found.

How to Identify the Bedbug Bites

Bed Bug Bites (How to Identify the Bites)

Blood spots found on one’s sheets, bites and the presence of bed bug feces and cast skins are some of the indications of a bed bug infestation. Bites are commonly found on the parts of the body that are more likely to be exposed to bed bugs during sleep – the hands, neck, face, shoulders, legs and arms. While not always the case, bed bug bites are often grouped together in a small area and at times may occur in a line or a zigzag pattern. Bites normally look like small, flat or raised areas that may become inflamed, itchy, red or blistered. Bed bug bite reactions don’t always appear immediately after you’re bitten and may take a few days to begin causing symptoms. However, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites in the same manner.

How To Identify Bedbug Bites On Pets

How To Identify Bites On Pets

Bites on dogs and cats will look much like bites on people, and the pet owner may actually suspect a mosquito or flea bit the pet. As with people, bed bugs do not stay on pets, but return to a protected harborage site after feeding. In addition to bites, the presence of the bug’s feces, cast skins and the animal’s irritation at night are also indicators of bed bugs biting pets. Therefore, one of the best things to do is inspect the pet’s bedding and frequently groom the animal while being vigilant for the telltale signs of bed bug presence.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide in Public Areas?
These pests need to be transported by a person or an object in order to move long distances. As a result, taxi, bus, and airplane seats are frequent bed bug hiding places. The insects creep into upholstery, carpeting, and gaps along seat frames until they can hitch a ride with an unsuspecting traveler.

bed bug hidden places

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

These insects are flat and easily able to fit into tiny crevices within bedding or furniture. Signs of bed bugs include dark red or brown stains on fabric and surfaces. The pests also hole up in mattress seams or box springs. Other common spots where bed bugs hide are:
Couch cushions / Cracks in wood trim / Dresser drawers / Bed Headboard / Wall Clock etc...

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During The Day?
Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that bite people and feed on their blood during the night. As residents sleep, the insects leave their hiding spots to find a host. Home infestations typically occur in mattresses or couches. Bed bug hiding places can also include clothing and linens, under clutter, in wall voids, and around window and door moldings. Generally, as bed bug populations increase in number, bed bugs are more likely to be active during the daytime and also are more likely to be found in other, hidden protective places within the house.

Our Warranty

If all bed bugs are not killed by the initial treatment we will immediately inspect the home and perform re-treatment for free!
If for any reason live bed bugs are found during the warranty period, we will come back to get rid of them in one day advance notice.

Our Policy

If you ever find live bed bugs during the warranty, then we will treat the home for free within 90 days.
Long term warranties may not be available in some situations. We are not a General Pest Control Company.
We offer warranty is for bed bugs only.